Become one of our Super Users and get a free license to use our technology. All we ask from you in return is to provide feedback and connect us with new MRI centres.


Join our Super User Program and start using our technology for free. All we ask for in return, is that you provide feedback to our team and that you help us connect with new MRI firms near the location of your practice.
Are you interested? Just fill in the form below and our team will contact you shortly for a free demo and to do the setup of your free account.

How to start

4 easy steps to start using ARtery 3D

Do you want to see how it works first before getting started as a Super User? Contact us for a free demo with one of our experts.

How our technology works


Video Scan

During your first visit to a cosmetic healthcare practitioner, they will create a new profile on the ARtery 3D app. Additionally, they will issue an MRI prescription. This mandatory, one-time video scan will help us visualize your unique anatomy.


One time, risk-free MRI

Book an appointment for a risk-free scan at an MRI centre of your choice. This image-scanning procedure is free from radiation, and doesn’t require contrast fluids. All images will be uploaded directly to the ARtery3D app.


Arterial Anatomy visible on smartphone

Your cosmetic expert can now use the ARtery 3D app to visualize the exact course of your facial arteries on their smartphone. The soft tissue fillers can now be applied with exact knowledge of your individual anatomical details.


Create a personal patient account, record a 20” video where the patient’s head turns from left to right.


After infrared lamp preparation, the patient undergoes an MRI to map their facial anatomy.


Our app provides a 3D view of the patient’s anatomy through augmented reality.

Viewing the arteries through augmented reality

How our app works

Check out how our founder and Chairman Prof. Dr. Benoit Hendrickx uses ARtery 3D on a real patient, showing the process once the MRI has been uploaded to our platform from the radiology centre. 

The app allows you:

  • To see the different levels of the arteries
  • To have a high level of accuracy.
  • To improve your medical practice.
  • To reduce risks of pain and bruising.
  • To improve your patience experience and loyalty, offering a good experience and the best result.

Not completely convinced yet?
Contact our team to clarify all the questions you have before getting started.

FAQs about our Super User Program

To start you only need to fill in the form above and click on "Register". Our team will contact you shortly to explain how it works, to send you all the information you need and to do a free demo.

We have MRI centres in Belgium, the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom. We are currently working on connecting with MRI centres in Spain and France as well. The MRI scan is mandatory, so if you are located somewhere where there aren't any MRI centres yet, we will close an agreement with one near you.

That depends. If there's an MRI centre to close an agreement with near the location of your practice, we will give you 6 months for free. If there isn't one, we will ask you for help to find some firms that meet our requirements. Sometimes this process takes time, so in that case we will give you 12 months for free instead of 6.

We will contact you to ask for feedback during the free period and once after the free period has ended. If you like our technology and if you want to continue to improve your filler injections through our technology, you can subscribe to one of our payment plans and you can continue to use our app.


Good to know: we are giving 20% off on our annual subscriptions.

No, it's not mandatory. You can try it for free, provide feedback and after the free period you can decide if you want to continue using our technology to improve your practice and to boost your customer loyalty.

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