How patients feel about ARtery 3D

Patients who receive high-quality filler injections are typically very happy with the results. Thanks to ARtery 3D a lot more cosmetic experts can guarantee better results these days.

Thanks to all our SuperUsers

We’ve had a very busy couple of months… We recently started our SuperUser program and it was a success! We’re very happy that we can now welcome all these new SuperUsers.

Our corporate video: the making of

ARtery 3D: our corporate video

Our corporate video is finished and it’s looking good! Are you curious to find out more on what went on behind the scenes when we were making this video? Find out here!

New distributor in the Netherlands: Aleamed

Cooperation brings ARtery 3D further! Have you heard the news about our new distributor in the Netherlands, Aleamed bvba? Read our newest blog on our new distributor and the presence of ARtery 3D in the Netherlands and the BeNeLux!

Our pioneering product: a closer look

The aesthetic and cosmetic field is one of strong competition, and it you need to find a way to really put yourself out there. We offer you a way to distinguish yourself and your clinic by offering quality, innovation, and value.

ARtery 3D through the eyes of Dr. Arthur Ludlage

Artery3D gains prominence in the Benelux and beyond. Thanks to experts in the field, like Dr. Arthur Ludlage, the news about our cutting-edge technology is spreading quickly. Find out what Dr. Ludlage thinks about our application and the use of it within his clinic.

How to optimize your clinic growth

Cosmetic and aesthetic experts too often focus on the treatment, and tend to forget the needs of the patients. When aiming for clinic growth, it’s most important that you take both your technology and your service approach in account. How do you ensure that patients are satisfied all the way through, and that they come back repeatedly for treatment? Find out in our latest blogpost.

How long do dermal fillers really last?

This is the post excerptFiller treatments have become so commonplace nowadays that people often forget to think about the details of these procedures. We are happy to zoom in on one of the big questions concerning filler treatments: how long do dermal fillers really last? Find out all about it in our latest blogpost.